Child, the best way you can repent today
is to stop avoiding God’s love.
Stop ignoring the Beloved calling your name.
Stop declining the deep blessings meant for you,
the mysterious love that flows beneath gravity itself
the kindness the Spirit has for you
even when the world is mean.
Stop pretending it’s not for you,
that you yourself are not a cell in the Body of Love.
Let the earth hold you, as it will forever.
Let the sun and rain fall on you
like a lover falling on their beloved.
Repent of ignoring yourself, belittling yourself,
acting as if you’re not worth it.
Forgive yourself. Soften your heart, and forgive.
Indulge yourself in sacred time
simply to marvel at the gift, the miracle that is you.
Repent of how hard you are on yourself,
your judgment, your despair. Have mercy. Have faith.
Your sin is denying your belovedness.
You are Beloved. Your penance is to live like it,
as God would have you do.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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