“Leave her alone.
           She bought it for the day of my burial.
           You always have the poor with you,
           but you do not always have me.”

                           —John 12.7-8

He covers for her nicely, but let’s admit:
it was an awkward moment, no?
Why does he let her do that to him?
Luke’s story is even more alarming:
it’s a woman of the street, nobody Jesus knows,
and not a gathering with friends, but a public affair.
Why does he let her do that? And defend her?

For the same reason
when your kid gives you a picture they drew
you put it on your fridge.
One way to love someone is to receive their gifts.
No judging, no positioning yourself. Just receive.

Love means receiving.
Receive with humility what others have to offer.
The awkward gesture, the insufficient talent,
the little crayon drawing that is someone’s life.

After all,
God accepts your whole life, delighted,
and puts it on her fridge.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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