Jesus came and took the bread
          and gave it to them,
          and did the same with the fish.
                           —John 21.13

The bread we share is not just the Last Supper;
it’s also the First Breakfast.
Also the Great Lunch (for 5000).

The bread we break is the Risen One,
morning, noon and night,
awakening us, strengthening us,
giving himself to us.

On the beach he might have said,
“This is my body, risen in you.”
At Emmaus he could have said,
“This is my body, transformed in you.”
Among the 5000,
“This is my body, multiplied among you.”

Christ breaks the fast of God’s presence.
Everything you eat is breakfast.
Everything you drink is Christ.
It’s a new day.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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