At the table

           You prepare a table before me
           in the presence of my enemies.

                           —Psalm 23.5

This is a promise of safety:
in biblical times hospitality was so honored
that a host was expected to protect you
even from murderous enemies.

But it’s also an invitation to reconciliation.
When the Beloved prepares the table
your enemies aren’t just onlookers. They’re invited.

There is only one table.
Jesus sets the Passover table and seats Judas
right beside him, in the place of honor.

The Beloved sits beside you,
your enemy across from you.
(The Beloved sits beside them, too.)

And you both feast on the same grace,
the same cup overflowing,
the same goodness and mercy.

You will not get up from the Beloved’s table
until you are reconciled.
Until then you both are still at the table.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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