As I have been loved

           “I give you a new commandment,
           that you love one another
           just as I have loved you.”
                           —John 13.34

may your love flow through me,
your heart beat in mine,
your Spirit breathe in me,
that I may love as you have loved me:
entering my life with gentleness,
inviting me into your grace,
giving me a place of belonging in this amazing world,
forgiving me entirely, healing me,
calling forth the divine in me,
finding delight in me,
laying down your life for me.
May I love as you have loved me
and live gently, love deeply,
forgive freely, give generously,
bless boldly, and offer myself humbly,
that, by your grace,
you will live fully in me.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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