“Abba God, you are in me
           and I am in you;
           may they also be in us,
           I in them and you in me,
           that they may become completely one.”
                           —John 17.21, 23

In that song you love
that one beautiful note is a note in the song,
and when you sing it right
the whole song is in that note,
and the song is in you,
and you are in the hearer,
and the hearer is in the song,
and we are one,

circles within circles,
a fish in the ocean and the ocean in the fish,
the fire in the flame and the warmth in the light,
the mother in the child in the mother,
the blood in the flesh and the life in the blood,
the Lover and the Beloved and the Love that flows between,
the Infinite who makes room within themselves for us,
and the One who comes and brings us in,
and the room and all who are in it, who are in each other:
this is what we mean when we say “One,”
what you mean when you say “I.”

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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