Soaking rain

Everflowing Love,
Infinite Compassion and Delight,
rain on me.
Sheets of water, roll, Jordan, roll.
Wash me clean and new.
Rinse away what rinses away.
Rain deep into me.
Rain gently and long.
Soak in,
so my deep roots are bathed in you,
so my little streams run with clear, fresh love
and rivulets of joy.
Let all my creatures rejoice
and find delight in the waters of your grace.
Let your grace sink in deep
and turn things green,
living things thriving, flowering, bearing fruit.
Let me be your verdant garden,
your teeming forest
whose deep roots know how to hold your water
long after the rain is gone.
Rain on me, loving God,
rain down, rain down.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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