Seek the welfare

           Seek the welfare of the city
           where I have sent you into exile.

                           —Jeremiah 29.7

God, this country is sick.
Can I just move to another place?

No. Seek the welfare of the place where you are,
even if you feel exiled from your hopes, your values.
The city where you are needs you.
Who else will carry my love among them?
The country where you live
needs your witness, your justice, your love.
You who can afford not to flee, even though you suffer,
be there to welcome others who are fleeing because they must.
Even in horrible times, even in sick places,
my beloved people need the love you bear to them.
There, in your witness, in your love, is my grace.
There, in their welfare, is your welfare.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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