Looking inward

My sorrows are not my own,
but threads that bind me
to all others.
My joys are not for me alone,
but meant to overflow into the world.
My gratitude is your voice in me,
opening me to the miracle of this life.
My loneliness is shared with every other person
floating through the world as a sea drop
thinking we are single drops.
My doubts and questions are the longing you give me
for you and for others, the hope that weaves us.
My wonder is the light given off
from being part of one living gift.
All of it is holy, all of it is blessed.
You fill me with beauty,
surround me with mystery,
and provide for me with grace;
and this you do for all your beloved people.
When I look inward I meet them there,
and you,
waiting for me.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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