For all the saints

                            All Saints Day

God of grace,
For all the saints who have made this world a better place
I give you my praise.
For the saints who have loved me, I give you thanks.
For those who blessed me without my knowing,
who loved me from behind the curtain, I bless you.
For the ones who forgave my selfishness,
who embraced my loneliness, who understood my fear,
I praise the mystery of your grace.
For the ones who blessed others, and the ones who blessed them,
by whom my world was improved, I thank you.
For the ones who never knew they blessed me,
who shone with light they themselves didn’t see, I thank you.
And for those who tried and fell short, I give thanks.
For those whose unconquered struggles taught me,
whose courageous failures inspired me,
whose attempts at grace, despite their crudeness, achieved grace,
I thank you.
For the saints who picked my fruit and sewed my shirts,
who built my world without thanks or pay, I humbly praise.
Bless all the saints in whose blessing I live.
And now sanctify me, dear God,
that I may be a blessing to others.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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