Pray for the bad guys

           Bless those who curse you,
           pray for those who abuse you.

                           —Luke 6.28

The more monstrous a person’s evil,
the more evil their monsters,
and the more unable they are to overcome them.
They need you.
They need you to stand beside them and pray
as they can’t, pray for their redemption.
If you want peace in the world,
if you want justice for all the oppressed,
for the abused and enslaved and trafficked,
then you want most of all
the redemption of all wrongdoers.
God’s great justice is not revenge.
That’s too cheap, too human, too small.
No, God’s justice is actual harmony
and fullness of life for everybody.
Not payback, that endless loop,
but transformation (which is harder).
Pray for the bad guys,
even the tyrants and torturers, that with love
God will wrench them out of their hell
and deliver us all.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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