You must be ready, for the New Human
           is coming at an unexpected hour.
           Blessed is that worker who is at work
           when the householder arrives.
                           â€”Matthew 24. 44, 46

Holy One,
rather than guess what the future holds,
what I really want
is to honor this deep longing in me,
in all of us, yearning for something holy,
something whole, something Home.
My longing is for your presence
that is already unfolding,
a home-strangeness from within-beyond,
this world mushrooming up out of itself,
the great change already upon us,
the birth pangs.
I long for this world to be changed,
but the world you give me is this one,
for my longing to change.
This is the world you give us in which to serve,
to work in the Household of Love
until all is transformed.
God bless the hope, and bless the waiting.
O God, my longing is yours,
my hope your hope welling up in us,
your Beloved, coming
and coming.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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