An Advent prayer

O Holy One, Newborn Love,
pour into my soul the mystery of this night:
the depth of the blackness, the faces of stars,
the moonlight sliding over the snow.
Pour into my heart the pure song of angels,
the music of light that tingles above me.
Pour into my mind the longing of the forsaken,
the hope of the prophets, the confidence of children.

O Dawning One, Rising Love,
pour into me the faith of trees thriving in winter,
the hope of the red sun patiently climbing the horizon.
Pour into me the love of your coming,
the joy of your presence,
the delight that draws you so gently to us.

O Perfect Mystery, Unsayable Love,
pour into me the perfect wisdom
of a mother holding her child,
the heart of a father weeping for his child,
with wonder of a child seeing
pure blue moonlight for the very first time.

O Wondrous One, Unfolding Love,
pour into me this night
your mystery, your darkness, your delight.
Pour into my body your heart.
Pour into my being the life-giving gift of
May it be for me according to your grace.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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