With you

The lift and drop of the headlines.
The drift of nations in and out of sanity.
The world stumbling toward its fate.
I will be there.

The school,
and the streets between your house and the school,
and the child who walks there.
I will be with you.

The argument,
the deep gnawing fear for a relationship on edge,
the brown weight of guilt.
Beloved, I will be near.

The waiting room,
the moment in the car before you go in,
and the child sleeping in her crib.
Yes, I will be there.

The soup, simmering,
and the wooden spoon beside the soup,
and the sock drawer.
I will be with you.

There will be the starry night,
and there will be all the others;
the light from the stable,
and all the stables with no miracles,
the days without end:
yes, always,
I will be with you.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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