Mary, Joseph

Joseph, trapped on this side of the gulf,
for holiness unfolds beyond you,
now affirm what you cannot know,
say yes and go silent;
stand by faithfully.

Mary, trapped on the far side of the gulf,
for holiness grows within you,
now trust what no one but you can know,
say yes and sing your song;
open yourself faithfully.

Others will not know
and claim loudly to know, and judge,
and you will smile silently,
tip your head slightly to the side
and carry on and not abandon your Beloved.

So, bewildered, we find ourselves enfolded
in the blessed mystery of grace promised,
outrageous belief that in our pains and labors,
in our unknowing, in the cells of our loneliness,
something magnificent unfolds in us without us.
Knowing only how we believe and not what,
without turning back,
we lay ourselves in God’s dark hands.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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