Light in the darkness

           We have seen his star.
                      —Matthew 2.2

           The light shines in the darkness,
           and the darkness can not overcome it.
                           —John 1.5

A star no despot can hide,
a sun no tyrant can cover.
A candle a hurricane can’t put out.
The gleam in a lover’s eye no sorrows can darken.
Beloved, you are in this world.
No thickness of night—and it is sometimes it is thick—
can dim the light of your presence.
No bushel of trouble can cover the candle of your grace.
No evil can bury, no cross overcome
the light of your love.
When our hearts are broken,
when the pall is lowered over us, shine.
When my eyes fail,
when my world goes dark,
shine in my heart,
you, my hope, my love, my day.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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