Come and see

           They said, “Where are you staying?”
           He said, “Come and see.”
                           —John 1.38-39

Keep seeking, and remember:
it is not enough to know.
Come and see.

Open your other eye.
Enter in, sink deep,
attend, as if being caressed.

Come like a bee to a flower,
see like darkness sees light,
listen like the sea listens to a river.

Ice on the bridge.
A child’s silence.
A deep sigh in the ICU.

The smallest act of forgiveness.
Listening to someone
like the earth listens to a seed.

A wound that hurts and also
knows how to heal.
The sound of earth breathing.

Unearned hope, unjustified joy.
The thread in you that reaches out
to the stranger, the bird, the dream.

The holy of holies is vacated.
Where is the Beloved now?
Everywhere else.

Come and see.
Come closer.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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