The other world

           Repent, for the realm of heaven has come near.
                           —Matthew 4.17

Trade in your whole mind for a new one,
your eyes for a different set.

The world is a thin place. Step over the boundary
between seen and unseen—so near, so near.

Magnetic fields whorl about us,
dancing in a galactic web.

In your gut your microbiome flourishes,
a communion of saints within you.

In every leaf and bug the infinite stirs,
the immanent looms.

In every morning, every street corner,
every slant of sun, grace thrums.

In every moment, every place,
love sings, its gravity unfailing.

In every word, every cup of tea,
the Beloved impends.

Our formulas, decrees, price tags—
all snake oil.

The surface of things is the other world.
Beneath is this one.

The music—
do you hear it?

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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