You are the light of the world.
                           —Matthew 5.14

Einstein told us:
matter is just energy holding still.

Light is the energy of God,
which is love moving.

“Let there be light,” God said,
and you were conceived.
You are love made matter,
Word made flesh,
the light of God, the light of Being,
momentarily here in this form,
shining, radiating God.

You don’t need to produce it
or generate it. It’s who you are.
When you are truly yourself

it shines.

The world sparkles
with people walking around gleaming.
Even on our deathbeds, we glow.

Trust your light. Give thanks.
Open the shutters of your lantern.

           Let your light so shine before others,
           that they may see by it,
           and glorify God.


Audio version:

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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