Mend my wants

           Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness
           to be tempted by the devil.
                           —Matthew 4.1

O Steady One, steady me.
I am unbalanced by secret weights of fears,
tugged at by invisible strings of desires,
and I stumble, crash into folks, break things.
I don’t act because I’m afraid I can’t succeed—
I wish I could turn stones to bread.
I don’t love because I’m afraid of getting hurt—
I wish I could jump off cliffs fearlessly.
I cling to things because I’m afraid of being without—
I wish all the world could be mine.
But my wants are wayward, my fears are lies.
The power, the security, the belonging I seem to want
are all in you and you alone.

Touch my desires, Beloved,
and bend them back toward you.
Lay your hand on my hungers and steady me.
Mend my wants with your generous grace,
sweeter than bread with honey.
Heal my fears with your perfect love,
the earth from which I cannot fall.
Calm my anxieties with your steady presence,
for you are the world to which I belong.
You settle me with trust, courage and gratitude,
for I have all I need, abundantly.
You whisper to me gently, Oh, fretting soul, relax.
I have you.

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Mend my wants

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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