You must be born again.
                           â€”John 3.7

To be as involved in you as a fetus
As with you as a child on your hip

Swaddled in you
borne again and again

To be this small,
curled in your hand

My only world your eyes
my only land your arms

To have no style yet, no works
only breath

Utterly dependent
nursing at your miraculous breast

To learn to walk, to speak, to begin
and then tomorrow begin again

day after day
new, innocent, unknowing

Every day a precipice of discovery
of you, of me, of how to be

toddler-eyed at the wonder
of this world unfolding into me

the realm of the real again each day
as if for the first time amazed

Never to leave this umbilical faith
never to outgrow you

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Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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