“Those who drink of the water that I will give them
           will never be thirsty.
           The water that I will give
           will become in you a spring of water
           gushing up with eternal life.”

                           —John 4.14

I’m thirsty.
I’ve drunk, oh, from spigots and bottles
and hoses and fountains, piped in from vendors,
drunk in a thousand places—and still thirsted.
Not my lips, but my soul.
The water I seek isn’t for soup or laundry:
I’m seeking you.
I have no bucket, no special ability, just thirst.
And I come to this spring, bubbling up
from the deep water table of you, God,
this powerful flow, this living stream of water
gushing up in me, given, free, flowing,
your love rising from the depths unhindered,
this power to live with love and courage,
this joy and hope, this clear, sparkling beauty,
this living stream of your life, Beloved,
your eternal life, flowing through me,
not subject to weather or commerce,
or my doing or not doing, but steady, constant.
This is eternal life: not far-off or later,
but here and now, and infinite.
I am the well. You are the water.
Flow in me.

Breath prayer:
Love … flow in me

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Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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