Lent discipline: Weeping

           Jesus wept.
                           —John 11.35

For Lazarus, for Mary and Martha,
for Jerusalem, for us—Jesus weeps,
and invites us into the spiritual discipline of weeping:
to cede control, to be, after all, a body, baby-weak,
subject to the sting of love,
the pangs of our connectedness.
The rend in the fabric of Oneness
is made real in the rend in your eyes,
the crack in the wall, the opening of your flesh.
You surrender to a current,
like a river pulled into the ocean,
deep within you, flowing out,
a holy out-flowing.
Tears come when you have gone beyond yourself,
embodying a divine bond, severed yet still holding.

Weep; for even if you have not suffered
you have loved a suffering world.
Break the seal.
Feel the aliveness of a good cry.
For if you can weep you can hope.
If you can weep you have loved, and will love again.
You flow with God, who weeps for us in grief,
and weeps with joy.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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