The voice

           The sheep follow the shepherd
           because they know the shepherd’s voice.
                           â€”John 10.4

Many try to do a good impression of God
but they all fail.

Something in you knows the true voice,
resonates as to no other voice, vibrates

in the orchestra pit of your soul,
to the voice that in the beginning uttered the Word,

the voice of who you are, that calls you into being,
that calls you deeper into life, into the mystery.

You won’t hear it in the noise out there,
or even the noise within, but underneath that,

speaking out of silence, heard only by sensing beyond sense.
You follow in the dark purely by the sound of the voice.

The more keenly you listen,
the more you make listening your prayer,

the more you realize you are already following,
without even having set out.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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