While he was blessing them,
           he withdrew from them
           and was carried up into heaven.

                           —Luke 24.51

So where exactly did Jesus go?
Up into which sky, beyond which clouds?
Where is the body now?

There is no where. That’s the point.
There is no where where he is
more or less than any other where.

As Jesus rose from his grave,
he rose from his body—the one
body—to all bodies, all places.

He ascended to “heaven,”
which is where God is, which is
not distant but at the heart of all things.

The body of the risen Christ
is here, surrounding you.
You are in it; it is here in you.

Yes, you want more. Something
more real. That is faith: the urge
to make love real in this world.

That hankering for something felt, that
absence that only love can fill, that
tension, that strength, so real: that is the body.

Let that body’s motion move you.
Take that urge out into a world
hungry for the touch of love.

Given or received,
wherever there is love—there!:
the Word made flesh.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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