Listening in tongues

           “And how is it that…
          in our own languages we hear them
          speaking about God’s deeds of power?”

                           —Acts 2.8, 11

At Pentecost we’re pretty sure
we did the miraculous talking,
“speaking in tongues.”
But what if in fact the miracle was that
those people from every nation
heard in tongues?
What if they had the God-given gift
to listen deeply enough to know
the work of God when they heard it,
even in a foreign language?

We think we have so much to say.
Maybe we have something to hear.
Maybe the true Pentecostal gift
isn’t speaking at all, but listening:
listening in tongues,
letting the Spirit listen through us,
listening in new ways
for what we haven’t heard,
listening deeply enough to hear God,
even in the life of someone not like us.

What miracles emerge, when we listen deeply!

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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