Holy Trinity – Part I

Father God, we say.
As if we know just exactly what we’re talking about.
The Ineffable, the Unsearchable, the Infinite—
made into a specific creature, a Thing.
A guy. Definitely male. X Chromosomes.
Old (but not too: 60, maybe, but buff.
Certainly not 120. No wrinkles.)
But white hair. (What color was it before?)
With a face and hands. Not flippers, not wings.
We’re pretty sure what The Invisible One looks like.
Silly, huh?

If God is infinite, God is not human. If God is Spirit
there is no such thing as what God “looks like.”
The image of God is love, not physical appearance.

The image of the Holy Trinity undermines all our images,
our cartoons of gender, age, ability and power.
If God is both parent and child, and neither,
then God is both male and female and neither,
both human and non-human and neither,
Supreme and also Crucified and also Newly Alive,
beyond all dualities, categories, distinctions.
Every little insistence is a lie.

The Trinity lets God be Not What You Think,
All Of The Above, and Other. All at once.
God says, “I am not this or that, I AM.”
Question your assumptions
about what God “has to” be like.

Silence. Word. Breath.
Mystery. Presence. Rebirth.
Mother, Son, Holy Spirit.

Infinite. Love. Spirit. Nothing else is absolute.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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