He saw a man named Matthew
           sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him,
           “Follow me.” And he got up and followed him.

                           —Matthew 9.9

Yes, you,
unsuspecting, unprepared, unqualified,
you are called.
The call is not about your powers or skills.
The call is to be the one you are created to be,
with all the gifts of the Spirit  you’ll need to do that.
The call is to follow Jesus
in whatever unexpected way he turns up in your life,
to bring your weakness and your not knowing into his friendship,
to hand over your gifts without knowing how he may use them.
The call is to walk with him,
to hold the space while he does his miracles.
He needs you.  Just keep him company.
Stay close enough to his light that you yourself are radiant. 

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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