On the move

Holy One,
you who are in every place,
deeply rooted,
who are every place,
yet moving,
always on the move,
you who are movement itself,
bless those who are on the move,
moving in body or in heart,
moving to new places,
new realities, new challenges.
For all who are nomads,
their belovedness goes with them
in their little bags,
their true belonging in their painted wagon.
Your presence goes with them on the long road,
for you are the road, and the going.
May their leaving be gentle,
their journey be safe,
and their arriving full of joy.
Loving One, your Spirit knows no boundaries,
and goes with us always,
and always we give you thanks.
Trusting your grace,
we ask your blessing.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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