Into the chaos

           Peter got out of the boat,
                started walking on the water,
                       and came toward Jesus.

                                 —Matthew 14.29

Huge writhing sea
       tiny scared boat
              all you have to hang onto

You sense something
              in the waves, or on them

Coming halfway to you
       beckoning you
              out of the safeboat

into the chaos
       dark swirling deep
              moving undulating errantly

(and beneath the green black water
           a vast stillness
                      a great dark emptiness)

but here disruption the pitch and heave
       no footing no handhold
              only the voice

with you a presence
       more solid
              than the waves

that calls you
        reaches out to you
                 holds you

Forever now
       everything you do
                is reaching for that voice

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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