Equinox: Darkness

O Darkness,
     come for me.

O Darkest One,
     eclipse my knowing.

Hold me in your mystery.
     Enfold me in your depths.

I give to you my bright naivete,
     my obvious, my polished day,

my candlelight, my handheld hope:
     nope. Blow it out and let me trust,

held in your night and knowing
     all is right.

Oh, let that darkness be my light,
     that eyelessness my only sight.

O Darkness, cover me,
     unseeing, knowing still,

and darker yet, unknowing,
     and yet known.

O Black Unfathomable,
     entomb me, womb me.

Let my darkness gently, closely hold
     you whom I never can behold.

O Darkness, close my eyes
     and let myself be held.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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