Dear grieving God

Dear grieving God,
thou infinitely broken-hearted,
how gracious of you that you abide with us
when we are so cruel,
that you hold us faithfully
even as we destroy each other
and wound your Creation,
that you give us your heart even as we break it.
For not a tear falls that does not wet your cheek,
not a soul suffers that does not pierce your soul;
and yet you remain with us, and hold us in your arms.
Still you adore us and delight in us.
You gather our hope and our death in your mercy,
you gather our past and our future in your blessing.
And even now you believe in us,
who betray your hope— and yet bear it in our souls.
We are sorry for so deeply wounding you.
And we thank you, O Mystery of Love,
that you are for us even when we are against ourselves.
O God, Creator and Re-Creator of Life,
O Mourning One, O Confident One,
you who hold all as One,
hold us to your breast,
that we might hear your heart beating there.
For only in your broken heart
will we find our joy.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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