Unified Field Theory

Scientists hammer away at a unified field theory,
explaining the electromagnetic force,
the weak force, the strong force and gravity
in one grand dance. They haven’t got there yet.

But we know. The Unified Field that makes it all happen,
that makes us and makes us alive and keeps us so,
the power greater than any ruler or weapon
that runs through it all and holds it all together

is the grace of the Beloved. It’s not as poetic to say
“The embodied love of God is the Unified Field
that includes everything,” as it is to say “Christ is king,”
but there you have it.

Both scientists and theologians spill ink trying
to explain it, but the fact—the Mystery—is that
it all holds together anyway, and it all works.
Let wonder be your theory, and faithfulness your proof.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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