New Year’s Blessing

The eighth day of Christmas,
the eighth day of Creation,
the Next New Day,
New Years Day.

May every day be a new year’s day for you:
a chance to forgive and be forgiven,
to start again.
May you take courage to begin anew,
to become who you are becoming,
this and every day.

As you let go of the year past,
may you let go of all the habits and coping tricks
you no longer need or value.
Let go, and in your free fall find yourself held
by an eternal love that has come ages to be with you,
and will carry you all the way to the end.
As the future stretches out before you
on your journey toward God may you always know
you have arrived, and always will have arrived.

Every day may you trust your belovedness,
your freedom from having to prove yourself,
and receive the grace that is given to you.

May this year be a year of grace and hope.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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