Kick and glide

We got our first snowfall today,
so of course I was out in the woods on my skis.
The way classical cross-country skiing works
is you kick off with the left foot
and then glide on on the right,
then kick with the right and glide on the left.
If your skis are right for you, and prepared right,
and you know how to use them,
you can both grip and slide, in turn. You can go.
There’s a rhythm to it. Kick and glide, kick and glide.

Sometimes you fall down. Not a big deal.

When we’re healthy we can engage the world;
we care; we honor our deep connection.
And we can also let go. We can move on without sticking
to everything that comes our way.
Kick and glide.
Both are needed, in the right places, the right times.
We can also fall down, and then go on.
Enlightenment is knowing how to both grip and also slide,
when to struggle, when to accept,
when to engage, when to let it pass.

Pray for the compassion to connect
and the wisdom to let go,
the grace of kick and glide, kick and glide.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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