Here’s the great Treasure you seek
that the old Guide pointed out on the ancient maps,
that only the most intrepid explorers find,
who search unceasingly despite pelting rains
and the scorn of neighbors and strangers alike,
who read the stars and hear the songs
others do not hear, who follow the unexpected path
of the Guide who seems to wander but knows the way,
who forgo all comforts and endure great suffering
and kneel in the grotto hidden in plain sight
to lay their hands upon the gleaming treasure,
and bear it home tucked into their shirts,
the discovery that shines in the dark,
the Great Treasure the Guide has told us about,
that lies waiting for each of us,
the pearl of great price,
the wisdom that saves the world,
stunning in its simplicity and power.
The cynical miss it, the greedy overlook it,
the hopeless throw it away. But here it is.

It is this:
You are God’s Beloved.
Everyone is.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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