In our anxiety we seek stability,
addicted to the status quo; it’s an old habit.
When the kingdom is jolted
the army reacts, and the old order is restored.
Everyone plays their given part, or is replaced,
and the cycle continues.
Ancient wounds are maintained, pristine.
This is life in human community.

But not in the Realm of God.
The always predictable isn’t always.
What is stable is shifted; everything is transformed.
Forgiveness destroys the old order.
Resurrection isn’t return, but moving on.
Every moment, there is no going back.
The tectonic plates keep drifting.
All that is, is becoming.
Though it upsets the balance
and shocks the multitudes,
life keeps tipping toward grace.
No matter how permanent it seems,
everything is a chrysalis.
Even you.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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