Walk into this spring day

Walk into this spring day,
child of beauty and courage, daffodil of God.
Bear the yellow of your love
among our still-thawing hearts,
rooted deep in the dark, raising up the sun.
When spring falters
know you are here for days such as this,
the flame of your delight bold above all icy mud,
the tender beauty of your gift evoking
what spring has not yet divulged.
The brightness of your faith
defies the lingering winter in cynics’ shadows.
Remember how at times your own heart has been lifted
by those little sunny flags of joy.
Even from far down the road weary travelers
see the yellow of the daffodils of God
and are heartened on.
Walk into this spring day, child of grace,
and shine.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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