Independence Day

Let’s make today true Independence Day,
not merely to congratulate ourselves,
but to practice independence,
to set ourselves free
from cultural, political and religious expectations,
and instead be true to ourselves,
and radically free with God.

Let’s make it Inter-Independence Day;
for none of us is a separate planet;
we are all woven together, races and creeds,
nations and continents and colors and flavors,
in one living community.

Let’s make it not just our own Independence Day,
for the freedom we cherish is still sought by many.
Let’s repent of the ways we ourselves oppress others 
and comply with systems that oppress.

Let’s make it Anti-Domination Day
for those who have less liberty:
for only by offering freedom to others
are we truly free. 

Let’s make it Responsibility Day;
for liberty isn’t guarded by soldiers:
it’s exercised by taking part,
and, by our actions, making this
a nation of liberty and justice for all. 

Steve Garnaas-Holmes 
Unfolding Light
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