Becoming Whole

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Original song. Several verses may be used, or one verse repeated. (Hear an audio excerpt in the product description.)
We are a broken people becoming whole again.
We are a wounded people being healed again.
We are a hungry people being fed again.
We are a wandering people coming home again.
We are a groaning people giving birth again.
… And more…


This is an original song by Steve Garnaas-Holmes. Purchasing this song unlocks a downloadable .zip file that includes lyrics and music for congregation and music for musicians (in both .doc and .PDF format). 
Listen to an excerpt here:

With your purchase, you are permitted to copy and paste, print, project, broadcast or otherwise use these materials and this song in worship or whatever way you need. Please include the note “Used by permission; Steve Garnaas-Holmes,” in your materials

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