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Original song. Suitable for either solo or congregational singing. (Listen to an excerpt in the Product Description.)
How dark is the night and how cold is the home
we have made in our pain and our sin!
How could it be that a savior would come
to be with us? Please enter in!
       Welcome, Emmanuel! Welcome in!
       Welcome, Emmanuel! Welcome in!
Are we alone in our failure and terror,
struggling, confused in the night?
We cannot save ourselves, weary from error,
Who will bring us the light? Welcome…
Closing our doors to the wind of Creation,
alone, we are living in fear.
Emmanuel comes now, our healing salvation,
to dwell with us, bringing love here. Welcome…
Wait, though, dear Jesus, this life will be trying:
you’ll die in sorrow and scorn.
“Yes, but I’ll bless all your living and dying.
See, in the manger I’m born.” Welcome…

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This is an original song by Steve Garnaas-Holmes. Purchasing this song unlocks a downloadable .zip file that includes lyrics and music for congregation and music for musicians (in both .doc and .PDF format). 

With your purchase, you are permitted to copy and paste, print, project, broadcast or otherwise use these materials and this song in worship or whatever way you need. Please include the note “Used by permission; Steve Garnaas-Holmes, www.unfoldinglight.net” in your materials when possible. 

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