Fire of Love

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Original lyrics set to the tune of Ode to Joy or HOLY MANNA.
Free to copy and use. Or you can pay-what-you-like to donate.
Holy Spirit, you have gathered us as on that Pentecost
when you gathered Christ’s disciples and their fears and doubts were lost:
breathing life into their souls, and shining out of every face,
you sent them into the streets to tell of God’s amazing grace.
Each aflame with your compassion, eager that your praise be sung,
fearlessly they filled the streets to tell your news in every tongue.
So we ask you, by your life within us, giving us new birth,
send us out to spread God’s love in Jesus’ name to all the earth.
Holy Spirit, you have granted gifts to each, in our own way,
so that we might serve you as we live and work and share and pray.
By your pow’r we love our neighbors, work for justice, act with peace,
reach the lost and serve the lowly: so your work will never cease.
Holy Spirit, energy of God that links us soul to soul,
by your grace we are the Body of the risen Christ, made whole.
Be the breath that lifts our singing; be the wind that fills our sails;
be the fire of love among us ‘till the Reign of God prevails.


The lyrics shown on this page are original lyrics by Steve Garnaas-Holmes, set to the tune of Ode to Joy.

These lyrics are free to use or pay-what-you-like to purchase (download includes lyrics in .doc format)—or you may directly copy and paste from this page. You are permitted to print, project, broadcast or otherwise use this song in worship in whatever ways you need.

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