God Bless the Saints

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Original lyrics to Breathe on Me, Breath of God.
Free to copy and use. Or you can pay-what-you-like to donate.

Words: Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Tune: Blest Be the Tie that Binds

God bless the saints we’ve known,
who loved us through the years,
who shared our struggles and cherished our joys
and held us and wiped our tears.
God bless the teachers and guides
whose wisdom brightens our days,
whose courage lifts our struggling hearts,
and shines your light on our ways.
God bless the quiet ones
who serve in humble ways
without their seeing the fruit of their faith,
yet live in prayerful praise.
God, help us be your saints
who trust your loving grace,
that we may be a holy blessing
in our own time and place.

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The lyrics shown on this page are original lyrics by Steve Garnaas-Holmes, set to a familiar tune. These lyrics are free to use or pay-what-you-like to purchase (download includes lyrics and music for projection in .doc format). You are permitted to directly copy and paste from this page and print, project, broadcast or otherwise use these materials and this song in worship or whatever way you need.

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