God of the Future

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Original lyrics to a familiar tune. Free to copy and use. Or you can pay-what-you-like to donate.

Words: Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Tune: SLANE (Be Thou My Vision)

God of our dark night, and God of our day,
God of our journey, whose will is our way,
when our path dims and the future’s unknown,
still you walk with us; we’re never alone.

Though the familiar should fade and turn strange,
your steady love for us never will change.
So when we worry and can’t see the way
Love, still your grace is enough for today.

All that is taken and all that we lose,
all of the cost of the path that we choose
never compares with the grace you impart:
faithful and gracious, you give us your heart.

Bless all the journeys we still are to make.
May they shed mercy and light for your sake
Lead us with courage on journeys unknown,
walking in blessing, and never alone.

Be our companion, our courage, our nerve,
You, the heart in us, to love and to serve.
Blessings you promise, whatever befall.
Still you walk with us, O lover of all.


The lyrics shown on this page are original lyrics by Steve Garnaas-Holmes, set to a familiar tune. These lyrics are free to use or pay-what-you-like to purchase (download includes lyrics in .doc format). You are permitted to directly copy and paste from this page and print, project, broadcast or otherwise use these materials and this song in worship or whatever way you need.

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