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Original lyrics set to the tune of The Gift of Love.
Free to copy and use. Or you can pay-what-you-like to donate.
“This is my dear Beloved Son,
the Light of Life, my Chosen One.
And so I ask by grace, by choice,
you listen for his gentle voice.
(verse 1, Transfiguration version)
“Not in the earthquake, fire or wind
will you find me, your faithful friend;
but in the silence is my Word:
it is not spoken, but is heard.
(verse 1, Elijah version)
“For when you listen and attend
in silence deep, you meet your Friend,
whose voice no words can catch or hold,
and yet whose love is clearly told.
“And listen well with love’s deep art,
to what is in your neighbor’s heart,
for there I dwell, and there I speak;
and there I hide, for you to seek.
“My glory shines in every face
of my beloved human race.
So listen well with wond’ring care:
behold my glory shining there.”


The lyrics shown on this page are original lyrics by Steve Garnaas-Holmes, set to the tune of The Gift of Love/ The Water Is Wide.

These lyrics are free to use or pay-what-you-like to purchase (download includes lyrics in .doc format)—or you may directly copy and paste from this page. You are permitted to print, project, broadcast or otherwise use this song in worship in whatever ways you need.

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