Table Songs

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Thirty-seven songs of invitation and preparation for communion, set to various familiar hymn tunes. Most are one or two verses. Includes several appropriate for various Liturgical seasons.
Tune: Be Thou My Vision
God, you have called us to join in your feast,
one with each other, the greatest and least.
Gladly we lay all our gifts at your feet,
making the joy that we share here complete.
Tune: Finlandia
You call us, Christ, to take our cross and follow,
but first you bring us here to feast with you,
Our gifts we bring, to celebrate your loving,
our lives we give, to die and rise anew.
Feed us your grace, your Spirit of compassion,
make us your Body now, your will to do.

Tune: The Water Is Wide…… or Tallis’ Canon
O Lord, Our God, we come to you,
to die and rise, and live anew.
Our hearts are weak; our souls near dead.
Revive us with your wine and bread.
Forgive our sin, and heal and bless:
our only life your life in us.
We bring our gifts, in love made one.
Grant us your grace. Your will be done.


These songs are original lyrics by Steve Garnaas-Holmes, set to familiar hymn tunes.

These lyrics are free to use or pay-what-you-like to purchase (download includes lyrics in .doc format)—or you may directly copy and paste from this page. You are permitted to print, project, broadcast or otherwise use this song in worship in whatever ways you need.

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