It’s just weather

Dearly Beloved,
Grace and peace to you.

A storm blows down on the lake, and critters along the shore take cover.  But the geese keep right on squawking, calmly paddling around, ducking under for food. 

Today a storm will blow into your face: someone will get angry or demanding, a problem will emerge, tension will rise.  It happens. But it doesn’t matter.  It’s what happens next that matters.  You might yell back, or panic at the problem, or join in the rising tension. Or you might not.

Most of the time when we yell or get tense or become demanding we are yelling at a storm: we are displaying our anxiety but fighting something we can’t control. 

When the wind begins to howl, before you lash out, take the time to ask yourself: is this an actual threat that I need to do something about, and something that I can control, or is it just weather? What am I afraid of? Can this storm really hurt me, or will I endure it just fine? Do I need to protect or defend myself?  Whether it’s a deadly blizzard or someone else’s shower, remember that you can’t change it.  The only thing you can control is yourself.   

It is perfectly OK to paddle calmly through someone else’s storm.  You are not responsible for other people’s weather.  It usually won’t hurt you, or them.  It’s just weather.

I’m going to poast this, and then go running in the rain.

Weather Report

Unpleasant at times,
but not deadly.
Dress appropriately,
but don’t panic.
It will pass,
and so will you.

Deep blessings,

Pastor Steve

Copyright© Steve Garnaas-Holmes

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