Birthing day

Dearly Beloved,
Grace and Peace to you.

Creating God,

make of this a birth-day,

a day of new beginnings,

day of the first Word,

before all sin or being forgiven,

new as all light,

rising dawn.

On this day, life-giving God,

birth me; set me in this world

to become more perfectly myself,

more fully who you create me to be,

an opening rose.

Make this day a day of birthing,

bringing to life

what you have sown

and woven within me,

letting it into the world,

unfolding light.

May it be as a dying-day,

released from all that was

into the coming world,

a word finally spoken.

Re-creating God,

let there be light,

and let me begin,

a newborn child.


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even in fading light,

as each moment in turn

becomes the first.

Deep Blessings,

Pastor Steve


Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes

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