Were not our hearts burning within us?

“Were not our hearts burning within us
while he was talking to us on the road?”
        —Luke 24.32


A song you didn’t hear,
ringing in your ears.

Anticipation of a kiss, its
memory, its warmth already fading.

Wakefulness that’s not your own.
A silent accompaniment.

A resonance vibrating in your chest
that makes you look around.

An answer, unprovoked,
a tendril reaching as if for light.

Something about “kingdom
among you,” ungrasped, firm.

An echo following the silence,
always just out of sight.

A sure, embracing presence
beyond the door, the sky, within.

The collapse of a stranger’s strangeness,
a tenderness, an urge to bow.

This impossible reverence rising in you,
belovedness passing through you like blood

as if Someone is here.


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