A meditation on Psalm 90


Infinite One, we live within you.
         We are little bits of your infinite life.
You form us from handfuls of mud,
         and we, your handfuls, return to mud.
Life is changing and transitory:
         we will not outlive the grass in our yards.
When we set our little lives
         against your infinite desire for us
         it is fearsome.
We can try to erect monuments
         as artificial extensions of our life span,
         but who are we fooling?

Teach us to be present in this moment,
         to find wisdom in loving presence.
Accepting that our life is passing,
         each morning we meditate on your steady love;
         we embed the day in mindfulness.
Even in the drudgery we endure,
         even in the evil we see and do,
you are present,
         and opening the eyes of our hearts,
         we find joy.

Open our awareness to your loving companionship
         and your miraculous presence in all things.
Our hope is not for lives that are long but deep,
         deeply rooted in your presence.
We do not seek immortality, or greatness,
         or influence that outlives us,
         but to belong in your life.
Our accomplishments are not ours to measure
         but belong in your hands.
May all that we do
         be in your hands.


Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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